·         July: contact all elected officers and interest group chairs determine if they want to rewrite or update last year’s article for the front section of directory.  Correct the names of the new chairs, dates, and subject matter of general meetings.  Get legislative list from public policy chair.


·         August: Start getting list of members who have renewed from the Membership Treasurer.  She will give you a printout of the current members, plus dues payment forms which people had sent in, with or without changes for the directory.  The dues invoice is produced from information in the membership database and may be different from what is in the directory. If there are questions, call the member.


·         Compare addresses.  There may have been address corrections made to the Membership Treasurers database which printout on the dues invoice.


·         Ask the Membership Treasurer and the Membership VP to let you know if there are additional names to add to the directory up until the time you publish.


·         Remove the symbol for new members from last year's new members and add the symbol for any new names you include this year


·         Once you have the basic list, get it to the carpool chair.  She will look up the Thomas Guide codes for the directory.  Make sure she knows your cut-off date.  You have to look up any names that come in after you give her the list.


·         When everything else is done do the table of contents and change the date on top of the membership list in the directory.


·         The directory is usually mailed with the October Valley link.  Therefore you must get it to the copy shop in time to be mailed about the third Monday in September.  The copy shop will tell you when they need to have the pages – usually two days before it needs to be picked up.  You will have to e-mail or deliver the pages in person to the copy shop and pick up the box of completed directories.


·         You have to give the copy shop the quantity – usually fifty more than there are members, so they can be given to new members to join during the year.  You also choose the color of the cover stock.


·         Directories are given to the mailing chair, or to a person on the mailing committee.  Extras go to the Membership VP.  Keep one copy for the directory file.