1.      No one eligible for membership in this Branch shall be permitted to attend more than two meetings, general or section, without joining the Branch.  Only those members of the Association moving to this area in good standing from other Branches may attend all meetings of the Branch until the start of the membership year.

2.      A fee may be charged any Branch member or guest who does not pay for a meal and who attends a Branch general meeting.  The fee will be determined by the Program Committee.

3.      Reservations shall be made in advance for all meetings for which a fee is charged.  People showing up at a general meeting without a reservation will be charged an additional $5.  When a cancellation is not received by the announced deadline date, the reservation must be paid for.  Nonmembers must make reservations through a member or prepay.

4.      Branch yearbooks, directories or rosters of members shall not be given to agencies or organizations outside of AAUW.  If the work of the Branch will be furthered by a mailing from other groups, such a mailing shall be done only with the approval of the Branch Board of Directors.  No member shall use or allow anyone else to use the yearbook for purposes of political mailing or advertising.

5.      Social groups within the Branch may be formed and function in the same manner as any of the Branch study groups.  A financial accounting of all monies collected and disbursed by these groups shall be submitted to the Finance Chair in January and June.  All monies held over from one month to another must be deposited with the Branch Treasurer.

6.      The standing rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors or a majority vote at any general meeting.

March, 2004