2008 Brighter Horizons

Check-in and registration

Waiting for the event to start

Opening Ceremonies: Lee Lieberstein (chair) is at the podium and our speakers are behind her

The speakers: Left picture: Bridget Benson (Communications), Cindy Stewart (Cardiology), Jo Pitesky (Astronomy), Cindy Malone (Genetics), Dawn Canfield (computers)
Right picture: Tanya Posey (Bugs), Cynthia Spears Rainey (Veterinary Medicine), Dorothy Strackbein Koetz (Finance), Michelle Roache (Veterinary Medicine)

Opening ceremonies: Listening intently

Opening Ceremonies: Robert Garber, President of Pierce College, speaks to the attendees - we also appreciate Jim Dawson, a Pierce College Trustee, who gave us a lot of support!

The rap song and our helpers!

Workshops 1: Architecture with Stephanie Ragle

Workshop 3: Bugs with Tanya Posey

Workshop 4: Veterinary Medicine with Cynthia Spears Rainey and Michelle Roache

Workshop 6: Computers with Dawn Canfield

Workshop 9: Cardiology with Cindy Stewart

Workshop 10: Genetics with Cindy Malone

Workshop 11: Astronomy with Jo Pitesky

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