Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

    Membership: Current 40 members Future retain and add members
    a. By August 2023, our membership of 40 will be retained (excluding attrition by death) by providing interesting and educational programming.
    b. By August 2023, our membership will increase by 5 by offering” get to know you” gatherings using invitation of neighbors, publicizing at local public schools, places of worship, or libraries.
    Budget: Current sent 5 girls to Tech Trek camp and no college students to NCCWSL
    a. By August 2023, our branch will be able to support sending 6 girls to Tech Trek camp and 2 college students to NCCWSL.
    3. Projects: Current Members understanding how to use branch’s Facebook account 4, number of likes 4
    a. By August 2023, the numbers of members understanding how to use our branch’s Facebook page and adding a like to it will double.
    b. Our branch will offer instruction for using our branch’s Facebook page at a general zoom meeting.
    4. Projects: Current numbers who participated in Lobby Day 2022 was 2. The number of members using the action network is currently unknown.
    a. By August 2023, our branch will call members to get an accurate count of Action Network users.
    b. By August 2023, the number of Lobby Day participants will increase as will those using the action network.
    5. Fundraising: Donations from members to AAUW funds for 2021 was:
    a. Our branch will maintain our level of funding for the AAUW Funds program
    1. by hosting a presentation about what AAUW funds are and how are they used
    2. by having a scholarship recipient speak at a general meeting.
    b. By August 2023, our branch will hold a fund raising event to increase AAUW funds donations.